About Us

Dale, Tom, Lucy, Ash and Toby of Cineon Productions on location.

Cineon Productions is a South-West based company that has been formed by award-winning professionals with backgrounds in corporate videography and dramatic production.

We have worked with partners such as the UK Film Council and commercial industry to produce a range of films which have been shown on BBC television as well as in the US and China.

We have a particular interest in training – and have a great deal of experience promoting safety within Industry. Hence we understand the importance of delivering effective and engaging safety education.

But we are not just about big industry – we also work with small companies and educational establishments, helping them to get their message heard.


The Right Tools For The Job

With us its all about the right tools for the job. The world of video is being revolutionised by advances in digital cameras and computer systems. The result is that a quality of production only previously obtainable by television companies and film studios is now available to all, and at a price that is affordable.

This means that there are many capture options available to suit any project. We are well versed in the use of the latest ENG style camcorders – such as our new JVC Pro HD camcorder.  These camcorders are fantastic for events videography and can be shoulder mounted for great results on the move. For a truly cinematic look your film may benefit from our Canon 5D DSLR rig shown in the picture above. The video titled DSLR on our projects page was shot by us on this equipment. With the right lenses a staggering level of quality can be achieved using this set-up that is difficult to match with a conventional video camera.

However some projects still require the functionality that only a high-end video camera can bring. That’s why we are fully adept with the latest HDV and XDCAM camcorders. On recent projects we have been using the cameras mentioned above as well as the Sony Ex series.

Of course it’s not all about the camera. That’s why we have the latest in high definition sound recorders as well as lighting solutions to make the most of any shoot.

Much of the kit we use is available for hire. Please call or email for further information.