Corporate Communications

Video has many applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Access the limitless, promotional potential of the internet via your website and social media, and enhance personnel training programmes with creative visual content.

We have experience in everything from simple ‘talking-heads’ to complex animation sequences, timelapse photography and rope-access camera work.

Corporate TV

Creating an internet ‘Corporate TV’ channel enables you to share your business developments, company successes and essential communications using an innovative and engaging format.  We design the look and feel of the production with you, this has the added advantage of developing and promoting your brand whilst visualising your message.
We offer an affordable package in which we can visit any location, on a schedule that suits you, to record updates and build up a library of footage.  We then work with you to design your own corporate TV idents and animation sequences, examples below, in order to create your very own TV channel which can be hosted for free by You Tube or other service providers.

Corporate Training

We design bespoke training videos that support the ever growing need to develop and train teams of personnel working in high pressure, high risk environments.  The professionals behind Cineon productions Ltd have backgrounds in nuclear safety and human factors, and have been producing training videos to the nuclear sector for over 5 years.  Cineon Productions Ltd has recently collaborated with the  Virtual Jet Centre to develop training packages for the aviation industry.