Creative Video

Whilst film-making is our business it is also our favourite pastime.  We have a passion for video and love trying new things, and after many years of experience we know what works.  We like to keep our ideas fresh; taking part in exciting projects and regularly sponsoring  film festivals.

Cineon’s in-house production services and equipment includes the latest large sensor 4k video cameras, edit suites, sound recording and green screen.  We complete sound design and bespoke music production as well as flash animation, motion graphics and special effects.

How we work

Whether you have a blank piece of paper or a detailed storyboard we can work with you to develop and deliver your video requirements. The process below gives an indication as to how a film comes together, these steps are scalable dependent upon your scope, time and budget.
Step 1. Idea Development
– Initial Consultation, Research and Treatments
Step 2. Pre-Production
 – Scripting, Storyboarding, Location Scouting and Casting
Step 3. Production
– Directing, Filming, Lighting and Sound Recording
Step 4. Post-Production
– Animation, Graphics, Music, Grading, Editing, Web Optimisation, Broadcast Finishing and Clearance