How video for web is getting more creative

Video has always been one of the most effective tools for promoting a product or service and because of this, exciting creative videos are being used more and more on company websites.

We have become used to seeing films that can demonstrate a product or give you a “virtual tour” which are classic projects we get asked for but film on the internet is becoming more and more creative, using different techniques to get a message accross.

If you are thinking of using video to promote your business, just take a minute or two to have a look at some of these ideas.

Film can be used as a background to either demonstrate or give a feel for a brand.  Have a look at to see how this resturant has used this idea so effectively.

Video can be a clever and fun interactive tool which can be used to promote brand awareness. just so very clever!

Make a site stand out from the masses…


If any of this gets your creative juices flowing, contact us so we can make it happen for you!