Rope Access Camerawork

Cineon Productions have joined forces with Safetech in order to provide a unique comprehensive rope access filming service.

Using techniques developed from caving and climbing, Rope Access provides a safe, cost effective and non-obtrusive means of accessing high or difficult to reach locations such as cliff-faces, bridges, stadia, masts and cranes, cooling towers and hi-rise buildings.

Our rope access team has a minimum of two members, including one dedicated safety supervisor responsible for rigging ropes and one specialist camera operator. All personnel are qualified to the highest industry standards and have a wealth of experience gained from working in a wide variety of sites.

Safetech have worked with Magnox, RSK Environment, Exmoor National Park, Dolphin Films Ltd (Elstree Studios), BridgeZone Ltd and Saint Gobain amongst others.

Check out this short promo film shot on Dartmoor which utilises conventional rope access camerawork combined with helmet mounted minicams. This filming service can be used for conventional inspection purposes as well as more exciting promotional activities.