Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Immersive content is the future and it is being created now. Quite simply it is the next level of audience engagement. In 2016 we were awarded a grant through the Social and Economic Research Council to work with the psychology department at the University of Exeter to create new immersive experiences using Virtual Reality technology. From this collaboration our sister company Cineon Training was born.

Traditional advertising relies on maintaining audience interest until a memorable ‘Call To Action’. With VR this gets a whole lot easier – we now have the ability to offer an audience a genuine ‘experience’ in return for their engagement, all from the comfort of their own home.

Immersion and Gamification are new ways to get a message to your audience that will stay with them and have them come back to find out more.

In order to create these experiences we use the following:

• Real-Time Game Engine Development for Oculus/Vive/Gear/Daydream etc
• 360 Video creation
• Spatial (360 ) sound deign

Virtual Reality and 360 Video Production

Cineon Productions are experienced in creating immersersive Virtual Reality and 360 video and sound. Whether it’s to create videos to engage with customers or as training tools for your own staff we can work with you to create what you are looking for. We can use the latest techniques and equipment to create your Virtual Reality or 360 video.

Working Across the South West and Beyond

We are based just outside Exeter which gives us easy access to the whole of the South West, Exeter airport is only 5mins away so we can get anywhere in the UK! We have a growing portfolio of clients in both the public and private sectors across in Plymouth, Bristol, Devon, Somerset and beyond. Get in touch today to discuss your Vitual Reality or 360 video production.